About Us

Tonquin Trading is an Emergency Medical Supplier and Consulting service. We focus on Made in The USA! Our backpacks and kits are the tip of our spear. We are the first to introduce Emergency Kits for Kids in Schools and Hotel Guest Kits for the Hospitality Industry. Our work includes partnering with Leatherman Tool Group to create custom kits such as Trauma, Survival, Repair.
  • Free Consultation-Tonquintrading@gmail.com, 503-389-5775. 
  • Custom Kit Making-Emergency Kits for Kids in Schools, Hotel Guest Kits for hospitality industry, Individual Go Kits, Family Kits, Trauma Kits, First Aid Kits, Triage Medical Kits, Barrel Programs
  • Consulting Services-Data Collection, Wholesale Pricing, Resilience Training, Team Building
  • Disaster Relief Company-Provide Teams, Shelter, Supplies