Leatherman X Tonquin Trading

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Leatherman X Tonquin Trading

For over 38 years, our mission has been to prepare people for the expected and unexpected. That’s why we’ve partnered with the experts at TONQUIN TRADING to offer emergency kits to help you solve problems in any situation.


With over 10 years in emergency risk management, Jason Johnson founded TONQUIN TRADING in 2016. His company specializes in emergency response education for local and state officials, providing emergency kits for schools and hospitality companies, and emergency resources for communities. TONQUIN TRADING’s commitment to preparedness and their passion to train others in emergency response makes them an amazing partner to build our Trauma, Survival, and Repair Kits.


Customer Quotes

 I just today found your web site as a result of your partnership with Leatherman Tools.  I usually find that preparedness sites offer cheap kits with cheap products, characterizing them as disaster-ready.  I am so pleased to see that Tonquin Trading offers vetted products clearly selected to provide high quality and value "in the event of".  Keep up the good work. Bradley

Thanks for helping my family prepare for emergency. This latest round of disaster had my family in the Rogue Valley on alert to evacuate. I was able to give my folks some tips on what to take/do and my own preparedness understanding is better now. We have our backpacks for fast “emergency survival” exit and now are more organized for the 20 minute to hours wait on a possible evacuation. Knowing your goals—survival or able to take documents and personal items— is important! Nissa