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SEASIDE — His keen sense of safety was drilled in as a Safety Trainer in North Dakota oil fields and his sense of wilderness preparedness was honed during big-game hunts in the Rocky Mountains. After moving to Clatsop County, Jason Johnson found a new focus and opened a new store in Seaside.

“We’re not a doomsday shop,” Johnson said. “We’re a hiking an apparel store, but we have gear in here to prepare you for Cascadia.”

Johnson’s penchant for survival and emergency preparedness started during seasons spent bear hunting in the Rocky Mountains. His experiences culminated in creating custom, emergency-preparedness packs. He calls them “peace-of-mind packs.”

“I knew what it took to put a survival pack together,” Johnson said. “But I couldn’t start my business just having the packs.”

He considered opening a small booth to peddle the packs, each stocked with basic supplies to help people survive a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

“We’re talking tsunami and a significant amount of landslides rerouting every creek and stream around here. The scientists say (it’ll happen) within the next 30 to 50 years, but nobody really knows,” he said. “I don’t want it to happen tomorrow — I’m in the inundation zone.”

A knife, fire starters, storm matches, a poncho, a survival blanket, a tent, two meals, a water filter and a light stick are the supplies Johnson considers to be basic necessities to help a person “get from point A to point B.” He suggests carrying an emergency-supply pack in the car so it’s ready to use.

He considered the rule of threes when picking the items to put in his pack,

“Three minutes without air, you’re dead. Three days without water, you’re dead. Three weeks without food, you’re dead. You can stretch it beyond that, but you’re beginning to die,” Johnson said.

He said hiking gear and outdoor clothing go hand-in-hand with emergency preparedness. Everything needed for camping in the wilderness for weeks is available in the store. It carries a selection of high-performance, windproof and waterproof clothing, backpacks and shoes. Tents, sleeping bags, and camping and hiking accessories, such as freeze-dried meals, medical kits and solar-powered generators are also available.

Johnson said he believes most people in the area are under-prepared. He suggests they prepare gradually, adding pieces one at a time and improving their kits as they are able.

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By Luke WhittakerThe Daily Astorian

Published on March 8, 2017 11:57AM